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Just a note to thank you again for another year of fantastic service. We have advertised with PCI for over 15 years and have always been very satisfied. We have found the books to be a wonderful source of advertisement as the residents in the park use the books. As you know, in this day and time it is important for a business to use their advertisement dollars wisely. We feel we are getting our money’s worth with you.

Lacy Boltin

Owner, Boltin Pest Control

We prefer to use PCI because of its professionalism. We know we will always receive a ‘first class’ directory from helpful, talented and accurate people. Our phone book is the lifeblood of our community because our owners do not publish one for our residents. Our phonebooks allow us immediate contact with all our friends and neighbors and we depend on it.

Southport Springs Community

Zephyrhills, FL

Thanks to the directories that PCI puts together, we have been able to advertise & directly market to the preferred communities throughout the state. We get great response from people living in the communities since they already recognize us from our ad. We have tried other directories without much success. Thank you.

Dana Syens

Owner, CCI - Commercial Coverage Insurance

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