Submitting Artwork

Submitting Artwork


Any files submitted from general purpose graphic programs such as those included with Microsoft Office, Microsoft Publisher etc., cannot be accepted unless converted to a Press Quality PDF.

For best quality print – all images should be 300 PPI (Pixels Per Inch).

•    All Fonts must be Postscript (no True-Type fonts) or converted to outlines.
•    All Ads are Full Color – discounts given for B/W ads
•    Spot color ads should contain only spot color separations (no RGB or CMYK Composites). 4 color ads should be CMYK (not RGB).
•    Software Formats: Adobe InDesign, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, or generic file formats: EPS, TIFF, JPEG.
•    Email to:

Ad Sizes (WxH):

Bold Listing

Signature Ad: 2.6042″ x .801″
1/8 Page: 2.6042″ x 1.937″
1/4 Page horizontal: 5.375″ x 1.937″
1/4 Page vertical: 2.6042″ 4.042″
1/2 Page: 5.375″ x 4.042″
Full Page: 5.375″ x 8.25″

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