Community Testimonials

Community Testimonials


Colonial Manor, Venice, FL

“We at Colonial Manor of Venice Homeowners are very pleased with your publication. The directory is like a security blanket to our residents. We find it easy to look up our neighbors and the companies who advertise. Please keep up the good work.” – Karen Pasternack


Community Manager, Harbor View, New Port Richey, FL

“This is to let PCI know how much our residents here is Harbor View count on your directories. When the new directories come in each year they all come to the office and request the latest one we have. The residents keep the directories close to the phone and use them to call their friends and other residents here in the community. When they call the office for help in repairs or other services, we always refer the companies who advertised in the PCI directory. They will call the companies in our directory before they will pick up the yellow pages because it is more difficult to find people that they know or feel they can trust. Again, our residents love the directory and what it does for them.”  – Michael Minton


Jamaica Bay, Ft. Myers, FL

“In our Manufactured Home Community of over 1400 homes, we have been very pleased with our PCI directories. The covers are very tasteful and attractive, the pages for Club Officers and Chairpersons, etc. are clear and clean and the cooperation for last minute insertions is great. We look forward to them every year.”
– Mary Jo Owens


Lake Fairways, North Fort Myers, FL

“Just wanted to let you know that I just received the phone directories. They look GREAT! Thanks for a wonderful job, I enjoy working with you and just wanted to tell you, once again, that PCI does a great job.”
– Donna Leech


Lake Point Village, Mulberry, FL

“We have 361 homes in our park and every home looks forward to receiving PCI’s directory each each year. It is probably the most useful tool we have in the park, and we thank PCI Communications for providing it to us. Believe me when I tell you it is used by every one of us.”


Polo Park Myers, FL

“We have 718 homes in our community. The people in our comunity really appreciapte the phone books. It lets them find the numbers quickly of their neighbors. The ads are very helpful because it is easier to look up in small book and to know other people in the park who have used their services.” – Shirley Hosner


Property Manager for Seminole Gardens Apartments

“We were very pleased with the way the directory came out last year. Your company did a very professional job and the residents all love it. Seminole Gardens has 773 apartments in 30 different buildings on 55 acres in the heart of Seminole. The residents represent a lot of purchasing power. It takes a good directory to keep track of all the residents. The directory is like their Bible as it is a very close knit community. When the residents are looking for any kind of a service, the first place they look is the ads in the directory. They know that if the company is in the directory it is someone that is honest, does good work and is familiar with Seminole Garden Apartments..”  – Scott E. Lyckberg,


Southport Springs, Zephyrhills, FL

“We prefer to use PCI because of its professionalism. We know we will always recieve a ‘first class’ directory from helpful, talented and accurate people. Our phone book is the lifeblood of our community because our owners do not publish one for our residents. Our phonebooks allow us immediate contact with all our friends and neighbors and we depend on it. ”


Strawberry Ridge, Valrico, FL

“Like any other company, time and experience will dictate if your company will survive the highly competitive market I have worked with PCI for several years and have watched the company advance into the modern age of computer technology. I live in a Senior Park and depend on PCI Communications to do our annual Telephone Directory. It is very simple to update my resident changes. Thank you so much for making this an easy process. Thank you to your staff for always being friendly and helpful. I would definitely recommend you to anyone that needed this service.”
– Carol Tate


Sunlake Estates, Grand Island, FL

“Our residents use the directories constantly. They even take the North when they go for the summers and many have told me they are lost without it.
PCI has been always been so helpful and thoughtful. I would hope to continue working with you for many years to come”

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