Online Directories

Online Directories

The digital age is only becoming more and more prevalent in our daily lives – we have recognized the growing need for this technological convenience.

We wanted to find a way to bring comfort and ease of use to those who seek digital communication while still catering to those who appreciate paper in their hand. Your team at PCI Communications has been hard at work developing a new system that will be the perfect companion to annual print directories.

NOW INTRODUCING – Online Community Directories!

Just like your annual directory, but online and accessible from anywhere.

  • Each directory has its own branded website
  • Password encoded system (each resident has their own login and password)
  • Access controlled by a designated community representative
  • Community Information Page – activities, board of directors and more
  • Map Page

NOW, in addition to their handy printed directory – your residents can have the same valuable information at their fingertips, whether at home, their Northern home away from home, or from on the road…

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